The Lasalle habitus : mapping artistic dispositions within a field of cultural production

Haridass, Christiaan R (2016) The Lasalle habitus : mapping artistic dispositions within a field of cultural production. Masters thesis, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: The Lasalle habitus : mapping artistic dispositions within a field of cultural production

There is an aggregated sense of artistic dispositions within the LASALLE cultural field that legitimizes the social standing of the student. As part of its methodology, the study formulates the Gunalan-Tan Index to identify the dispositions; ‘A LASALLE Sense of the Contemporary’, ‘Sensitivity to Material’, ‘Research as Practice’, ‘New Media as a Conceptual Approach’ and ‘Cross-Disciplinary Practices’.
This study aims to trace the origin of artistic dispositions within the LASALLE social landscape. This is achieved by looking at LASALLE’s development through the lens of a social theory of practice, specifically Bourdieu’s notion of the habitus. The construction of the habitus serves as a blueprint to establish the relationship between artistic dispositions and the school’s cultural resources of, Brother’s intellectual current, the school’s pedagogy and architecture – unconscious social forces that reside within the LASALLE habitus.

The secondary aim of this research is to understand the social phenomenon of artistic legitimacy. This is achieve by adopting the theoretical assumption of the habitus as a system of transposable dispositions that derives its power (social standing) from the amount of cultural capital. Within this framework, the study examines the legitimacy of the student in relation to the extent of his/her unconscious acceptance of the dispositions. The notion of the LASALLE success and its paradigm thus presents itself as an example of how social standing is conferred to students when their practice engage the dispositions.

This research primarily adopts a sociological approach to circumvent a stylistic discourse. As an emblem of differentiating contemporary sensibilities, the LASALLE school is better defined as a combination of many parts and styles, rather than situating it within a singular style. The research takes a broad view at understanding the student and his/her practice within the grand scheme of the LASALLE school. This research specifically adopts Bourdieu’s theory because it is mostly employed in relation to the education system and the manner of its investigation enables the emphasis on circumstantial forces rather than direct h

Subjects: Art History
Art History > Art Singaporean influence
Divisions: Faculty of Fine Arts > Master - Asian Art Histories
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Date Deposited: 22 Oct 2016 12:14
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