The Singapore storied : issues of politics and society in local contemporary art

Hong Weng, Wong (2012) The Singapore storied : issues of politics and society in local contemporary art. Masters thesis, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: The Singapore storied : issues of politics and society in local contemporary art

The thesis is a study of selected local contemporary works engaging with politics and society from 2000 onwards.
Framed by the current socio-political climate of heightened civil and citizenry participation or intervention in state affairs and everyday life issues, the thesis uses the Singapore Survey exhibition series (2009-2011) as an entry point to investigate local contemporary art engaging with politics and society. It observes that Singapore artists address a wide variety of concerns ranging from the ideology of nation and history to everyday life in the urban city. It submits that these exhibitions mark a new reference point of socio-political practice of art in Singapore.
The thesis identifies exemplars of socio-political art which are critical of national history and icons for in-depth analysis. It observes that artists contend with these markers of national identity as state-constructed and hegemonic meta-narratives which constitute The Singapore Story (or Storied which implies a crafting agent, as the title of the thesis suggests). They use a variety of inventive strategies to subvert their ‘inherited’ power, such as by blending factual and fictional accounts to create their own brand of histories of the banished, the ostracized and the under- or even un-represented, or overturn the mythicized posturing of historical figures and monuments. It further observes that the works of these artists parallel the actions taken by civil and activist groups. While it remains ambivalent about the effects of socio-political art, it nonetheless joins in the current climate of social and political change to proposition the State to take heed of these works as reality check so that they can get back in touch with its citizens in these post-election 2011 times.

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