Home-based art therapy: a qualitative case study of a bereaved child

Saw, Kooi Bee (2014) Home-based art therapy: a qualitative case study of a bereaved child. Masters thesis, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: Home-based art therapy: a qualitative case study of a bereaved child

This qualitative single case study is an exploration into the pragmatics of providing individual art therapy within a client’s home environment. This study examines the clinical implications of taking the therapeutic service from an agency setting to the family home of a young child who is grieving the loss of her mother. The role of art therapy in facilitating the grieving process of a child is also examined in the current study. Providing home-based art therapy allows the grieving child to express and grief through art making at the space provided at home even though they are not convenient to access therapy out of home. Art can facilitate the expression of emotions associated with grief (Aldridge, 1993). Also the study examined the process of art making in facilitating the bereaved child in expressing and coping with her grief through recognizing her emotions in a visual form. Case study integrated with relevant theory for example Worden’s grief cycle, Kubler-Ross stages of grief, the dual process model are discussed. Ethical considerations and boundaries for home- based therapy for example accepting food and gifts, the setting and the privacy of the sessions and others comparing clinical settings and home-based therapy will be discussed in the paper as well. Suggestions are made regarding possibilities to continue practicing art therapy for bereaved children at home.

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