Temporary memorials

Tan, Julienne (2014) Temporary memorials. Masters thesis, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: Temporary memorials

Does a memorial have to be permanent in order to fulfill its function of facilitating remembrance over time? Or is it permanence of form its very inadequacy? This paper looks at a recent history of the memorial, observing the changes in political climate post-World War II that led to a change in memorial conceptualization and design. The traditional, permanent, figurative monument gave way to minimalist monuments, which remain the presumptive style in memorial design today. But at the same time, memorial artists started exploring the concept of impermanence to highlight absence and transience, rejecting permanent monumental structures as symbols of rigidity and fascism. The work of Jochen Gerz is discussed as a forerunner of this philosophy. Krzysztof Wodiczko is cited as an artist who used the temporary intervention of video projection to change immutable city monuments. Chiharu Shiota’s work is referenced for her use of materials and places which evoke collective historical memory, and for creating monuments out of fragile, temporary materials. Finally, this paper talks about Julienne Tan’s own creation of temporary memorials.

Subjects: Fine Arts > Art & Psychology
Divisions: Faculty of Fine Arts > Master - Arts
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