Towards an aesthetic neologism in animation

Ang, Qing Sheng (2017) Towards an aesthetic neologism in animation. Masters thesis, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Title: Towards an aesthetic neologism in animation

Aesthetic neologism in the context of this research refers to a new approach to articulate
an artwork. It stems from new ways of perception, which elicit unconventional conception and imagination. In a digital age of prosumerism (consumers as producers), media saturation and the lack of mediation between prosumers may dilute thought and inquiry (Han, 2017), impacting education. Animation students have consequently been observed to exhibit mimetic tendencies, imitating mainstream cinema which emanates representational realism (Buchan, 2013). This research explores a Deleuzoguattarian deterritorialisation (O’Sullivan, 2006) and Rancière’s (2009) aesthetic break to address the stifled imaginative possibilities of the medium beyond representation. A pedagogical intervention guided by Rancière’s (1991) concept of the ignorant schoolmaster was conducted on twenty nine animation students at LASALLE College of the Arts. Each student engaged in a uniquely assigned multi-sensorial activity based upon the theme of their short film story in development. The students responded with written reflections and three to five weeks of consultation with the teacher-researcher. Students’ reflections, animation development work and teacher-researcher journal were collected as qualitative data for analysis. Twelve students demonstrated inertia towards the activity; four students were ambivalent about the relevance of the activity; five students found relevance but missed articulation in their work; eight students found a possible aesthetic neologism. The results revealed the importance of unfamiliarity and repetition for the design of the activities and allowed future research embracing difference (Deleuze, 2013) and intermediality (Lushetich, 2011) to be recommended.

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