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The collections housed within the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore include visuals arts in the Earl Lu Collection, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, and the Brother Joseph McNally's Collection. The Ngee Ann Kongsi Library houses an extensive specialist arts-related collection of publications in hard and electronic forms; an institutional repository, consisting of an archive of Singapore performing arts known as Work in Process; a collection of research done by LASALLE staff and students : conference papers, journal articles, book chapters and thesis.


The visual arts collections can be accessed by arrangement with the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Ms Bala Starr. The collections in the Ngee Ann Kongsi can be accessed during library opening hours on the fourth floor of Block F of the city campus or by arrangement with the Library Director, Malar Villi Nadeson. The Work in Process archive is available online through workinprocess.sg. Abstracts of student theses and other research publications are available online. To access the full thesis one has to come to the library.

Copies of Material

Only digital cameras are allowed in the galleries and library, but any images taken are subject to copyright restrictions and their use requires permission via application forms. The annual LASALLE Show attracts great numbers but student work is also under copyright and as with other material must not be reproduced in an income-generating context without appropriate permission. The collections exist to aid arts research and to promote the artists and appropriate credits must always apply. More details are available from LASALLE staff.

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    Ngee Ann Kongsi Library - Institutional Repository

    NAKL IR showcases both practice-based and scholarly research of the LASALLE community.

    To help deepen understanding of the value of research in arts, the IR is developing long-term digital archives of academic and artistic works.

    The library collects and maintains intellectual materials published; journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, creative research, thesis and dissertations, and other scholarly endeavours.

    The first stage of the Institutional Repository consists of an archive of Singapore performing arts known as Work in Process; writings by Lasalle staff.

    Browse: Arrhythmia Performance Pedagogy and Practice (Conference Archive)

    Arrhythmia Performance Pedagogy and Practice (Conference Archive)

    We become more acutely aware of rhythm in its absence. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our timing, and in doing so, disrupted how we conceive, practice and uphold performance pedagogy and practice.

    Our current situation can be described as a generalised arrhythmia. Irregularity, missteps, deviations, and broken beats — these words become all the more relevant in performance pedagogy and practice. And yet, if performance is already an encounter and the unravelling of spaces out of this time and place, then what is performance but an arrhythmia in itself?

    Arrhythmia: Performance Pedagogy and Practice was an online international conference organised by the Faculty of Performing Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. Artists and academics, faculty and students, articulated the pandemic experience beyond its disruption and consequent digital turn.

    Browse: Staff/Student Research/Publications

    Staff/Student Research/Publications

    A newly launched collection of writings and addresses given locally and internationally by LASALLE staff is searchable by writer and by subject and can be accessed through the Ngee Ann Kongsi Library on LASALLE city campus. The range of subjects is wide and includes unique recordings of practice-based parts projects. On line access is available only through library membership.

    Browse: Issue


    ISSUE is an international art journal focused on exploring issues in contemporary art. With an emphasis on Asia and Singapore, this annual publication is an inter and trans-disciplinary journal that curates research articles, essays, interviews and creative expressions on a range of disciplines from contemporary art, film, music to theatre.

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