Consultations or how I channel a spirit medium as a teacher

Lim, Alvin (2021) Consultations or how I channel a spirit medium as a teacher. In: Arrhythmia Performance Pedagogy and Practice, 12:10pm – 12:30pm - 5th June 2021, Online.

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Title: Consultations or how I channel a spirit medium as a teacher

A ‘consultation’ can mean different things in the Singapore context. In a professional context, a consultation formalises the occasion where advice is taken from an expert. In a spiritual context, such as the practice of dangki or Chinese spirit possession practice, a consultation takes the form of a spirit possession in which a believer seeks the advice of a god in both supernatural and personal matters. In an academic context, a consultation can refer to a session of supervision in which a student seeks the advice of an expert and teacher as part of the research and writing process. This paper explores the intersections of knowledge production in these seemingly different contexts. Reflecting on my teaching of religious performance to students and student consultations over Zoom, I consider how spirit mediumship can teach a thing or two about teaching in an environment that loosens the dichotomy between expert and amateur, knowledgeable and the ignorant. As I tuned in to the online consultations live streamed by spirit mediums and Chinese temples during the pandemic, I become aware of the condition of being with and tuning in to a consultation that enables co-learning. Paradigms of the old must now negotiate with the evolving context of distance learning and un-learning.

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