We got rhythm: A crack in the mirror: navigating rhythmic sense in pandemic times

O'Dwyer, Timothy (2021) We got rhythm: A crack in the mirror: navigating rhythmic sense in pandemic times. In: Arrhythmia Performance Pedagogy and Practice, 4:00pm – 4:20pm - 4th June 2021, Online.

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Title: We got rhythm: A crack in the mirror: navigating rhythmic sense in pandemic times

Over the course of the past 12 months, The Mirror Unit, composed of alto saxophonists Georg Wissel and Timothy O’Dwyer, has been conducting semi-regular encounters online with several complete video presentations for festivals, but common interactions and meetings sharing improvised sonic and conversational reflections. Hitherto founded on an intimate and intrinsic relationship between two musicians playing identical instruments, sharing similar experimental techniques and improvisational philosophies face to face, COVID-19 has punched a metaphorical crack in the mirror of the ‘normal’ working process of this duo. Taking Deleuze’s concept of ‘the crack’ in The Logic of Sense, the author, like Deleuze, proposes a positive proposition to that of Fitzgerald’s doom-laden reflections in his essays titled The Crack-Up. Gallope explains Deleuze’s point of view: “The crack marks the beginning of a syncopation, an irregularity, a play, a pattern of difference and differentiation, right at the frontier of sense” (213). Deleuze neither believes that the crack is of an external (COVID-19) or internal (Fitzgerald’s mental crack-up) nature. The crack is immanent, “a self-generating and unpredictable split” (Gallope 213), that has diverted the flow of communication and ruptured our sense of life-rhythm. COVID-19, as a ‘noisy accident’, has brought into vivid relief large and imperceptible cracks in all levels in the strata of our existence. Our sense of time/latency, listening, reaction and interaction, are all rhythmically displaced online. “In Deleuze’s ontology, the rhythm of the sense, sparked by the unpredictability of the crack, unfolds as a polyphonic set of beats and syncopations that link together the physical and the ideational” (Gallope 213). Through the improvised encounters between the two musicians in The Mirror Unit, the unique ‘crack’ that COVID-19 has created, and the ensuing arrhythmic-schisms and the fractured tributaries creeping outward, new frontiers of expressive possibilities are explored.

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