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Ahmad, Mashadi (2018) Audible. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 51-80. ISSN 23154802

Ang, Qing Sheng (2018) Infusing local culture in Singaporean animation: Developing a framework of cultural specifics from a study of contemporary cinema in Singapore. Animation practice, process & production, 7. pp. 113-137. ISSN 2042-7875

Aroozoo, Wesley Leon (2018) Bridging image and page. The Strait Times.


Bonney, Martin (2018) Craft and culture, changing the global dialog of fashion. In: Proceedings of IFFTI 2018: Fashion Futures, 8th to 13th April, 2018, Shanghai, China.

Branea, Matei (2018) Omulan - 5 senses (The). Issue 07 Sense (7). pp. 3-7. ISSN 23154802

Burridge, Stephanie (2018) Dancing diversity: creating friendships across borders. Cultural connections, 3. pp. 31-36. ISSN 24249122


Chon, Harah and Nur, Hidayah Abu Bakar (2018) Collective individualism in design. In: Proceedings of Cumulus - To get there: designing together, April 11-14, 2018, Paris, France.

Chow, Edmund (2018) Performance appraisal on the hotseat-(Performance appraisal/management and giving feedback). In: Teaching human resource management: an experimental approach. Elgar guides to teaching . Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 134-144. ISBN 9781786439789


Dan, Calin (2018) Para-Haptics. A touch of marble. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 9-17. ISSN 23154802

Dixon, Steve (2018) Uncanny arts and the aesthetics of cybernetic-existentialism. Technoetic arts: a journal of speculative research, 16 (2). pp. 191-214. ISSN 17589533


Lay, Ronald Paul-Michael Henry (2018) Community, compassion & integrity: consideration to ethics within art(s) therapy community project. Australian and New Zealand journal of art therapy, 13 (1). pp. 47-53. ISSN 1833-9948

Lay, Ronald Paul-Michael Henry (2018) East/West nature of ANZACATA: a perspective on the significance of international connections while asserting Southeast Asian relevance and context in practice and in postgraduate art therapy training. Creative Arts in Education and Therapy, 4 (2). pp. 88-97. ISSN 2451-876X

Lim, Stanley and Hillner, Matthias (2018) Design thinking as a meta language. In: Proceedings of Cumulus - To get there: designing together, April 11-14, Paris, France.

Lim, Stanley and Sim, Joselyn (2018) Introducing teamworking workshops to enhance the effectiveness of interdisciplinary design education. In: Proceedings of Cumulus - To get there: designing together, April 11-14, 2018, Paris, France.

Loh, Joleen (2018) Affective mediations and the politics of sound: Samson Young in conversation with Joleen Loh. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 83-95. ISSN 23154802

Lushetich, Natasha (2018) Stigma stains: the somaesthetics of institutional abjection. In: On the politics of ugliness. Palgrave Macmillian, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, pp. 193-215. ISBN 978-3-319-76783-3

Lutyens, Marcos (2018) Ultra-aesthetics and advanced neuroplasticity or simply, a path to expanded consciousness. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 19-31. ISSN 23154802


Massot, Gilles (2018) Still like a humming bird. (Unpublished)

Muench, Wolfgang and Morris, Amanda (2018) System designs for arts pedagogy. In: Proceedings of Cumulus - To get there: designing together, April 11-14, Paris, France.


Ognjenovic, Vida (2018) The house of dead scents. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 33-40. ISSN 23154802


Purushothaman, Venka (2018) Issue 07: Sense. Documentation. Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Purushothaman, Venka (2018) Presenting culture and nationhood: the Singapore arts festival. In: The state and the arts in Singapore : policies and institutions. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 67-107. ISBN 9789813236882


Rosa, Elizabeth de and Miller, Roza (2018) The lion and the breath: combining Kalaripayattu and Fitzmaurice voicework techniques towards a New cross- cultural methodology for actor training. Journal of Embodied Research, 1 (1).


Schlegel, Andreas (2018) Sensing machines. Issue 07: Sense (07). pp. 41-49. ISSN 23154802

Shaw, Christpher and Jae-Eun, Oh (2018) Engaging creative media students' motivation: the influence of autonomy, peer relationships, and opportunities in the industry. World journal of education, 8 (6). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1925-0746

Shen, Xingzhou (2018) My city illusion. eTropic electronic journal of studies in the tropics, 17 (2). pp. 48-51. ISSN 1448-2940

Sim, Joselyn and Chon, Harah (2018) Social innovation through design social innovation through design. In: Proceedings of cumulus - to get there: designing together, April 11-14, 2018, Paris.

Sim, Kathryn Shannon (2018) 'Audience As The New Creative: A Study of the Co-creation Role Audience play in a participatory environment to create effective advertising campaigns with the creative in the context of Singapore. In: To get there: designing together: Cumulus conference proceedings Paris 2018. Cumulus Conference Proceedings Paris, Paris, pp. 1178-1197. ISBN 978256544005

Sutton, Lian (2018) Embodying the elements within nature through the traditional Malay art of Silat Tua. eTropic: Special Issue, 17 (2). pp. 8-17. ISSN 1448-2940


Veal, Clare (2018) Beyond reality: locating the sur-real in Thai photography. In: Ambitious alignments: new histories of Southeast Asian Art,1945-1990,. Power Publications and National Gallery Singapore, Singapore. ISBN 978009952921

Vitorillo, Jason and Mapa Arriola, Maria Sharon (2018) Safeguarding handbook of cultural and creative industries in Asia. In: Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia. Routledge, London, United Kingdom, pp. 372-382. ISBN 9781138959927


Wong, Audrey Wai Yen (2018) The report of the advisory council on culture and the arts. In: The state and the arts in Singapore: policies and institutions. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 111-126. ISBN 9789813236882

Wong, Audrey Wai Yen (2018) Towards ‘meaningful’ KPIs? capturing multidimensional impacts in the arts. Technical Report. Institute of policy studies, Singapore.

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